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And stop acting like the internet is some big bad place people go to when they can't actually know or get what they want.What's wrong with being critical of social practices in a public forum?This critique of a traditional train of thought emerging in a male webzine is appearing in such a public forum because it is now a popular train of thought; a train of thought partially popularized by the internet, which is the machine behind new visual culture.In this culture, practices once dominated and standardized by a largely controlled media network and a small in-group of icons has branched out along with the accessibility of free-media and do-it-yourself entertainment (youtube as tv, podcasts as radio, blogs as columnists and political/social watchdogs) and we have been exposed to the true breadth of society.


perhaps you should spend less time in front of your computer and more time exercising or your boyfriend wont have to sabotage the chair in order for you to break it when you sit on it.(I am sure that you savvy Bitch readers are way ahead of me on that one, though.) Of course, not every suggestion on the list is as abhorrent as the chair advice.Some, like changing your own eating habits, or encouraging your partner to go to the gym with you, seem perfectly reasonable.This one is from, "Ask her to wear an old dress." Oh no!


Now I am all for people feeling comfortable enough in relationships to be honest when they would like their partner(s) to improve their health and appearance.Apparently, the only way we'll make a positive change in our lives is if our boyfriend (I am assuming a heterosexual audience here) makes us do it through trickery.


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