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Spelling Schools, School Associations, Swanzey Academy, Libraries, Chau- tauqua L. Goodnow, Graves, 346; Granger, Greene, 348; Greenleaf, 349 ; Griffith, Grimes, 350; Grogan, Guild, 351 ; Gunn, 352. Kendall, Kiblin, Kidder, Kimball, 387 ; King, Kingsbury, Kinney, 388; Knight, 389. Much of the sandy land of the town was congenial to the growth of the poplar, and next to the pine and hemlock was the most com- mon tree.

The inevitable result has been that lands once occupied as farms TOPOGRAPHY.

Large quantities of hay are taken from these meadows annuall}', without the application of manure, their production being kept up by occasional overflowing of water.


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