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This programme is set up specifically to train and guide students effectively so that they can attain at least 12 points (the equivalent of three B-grades) in their A-level examinations to help students to get placements in selected universities.

Most of the students here are PSD (Public Service Department) scholars.

The A-Level German Programme (ALG) was specially developed by Ui TM Section 17 Campus and the State of Baden Württemberg Germany, in 1995 It is conducted in INTEC (International Education Centre) Shah Alam, a branch of Ui TM.

The Edexcel A-Levels course is modular, with 6 units (papers) per subject.

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America's landscape is so vast and varied, sometimes it's mind blowing to think about how many different types of unique scenery exist from one state or region to the next.

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INTEC Education College (INTEC), formerly known as the Centre for Preparatory Studies or Pusat Pendidikan Persediaan (PPP), Overseas Preparatory Programme (OPP) or Program Persediaan Luar Negeri (PPLN), and the International Education Centre (INTEC)International Education College (INTEC).The institution is the place where students undergo specially prepared programs before they further their studies abroad in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Ireland, Korea and Japan.


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