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The sports broadcast network decided to remove Robert Lee from an upcoming game at the University of Virginia, because he shares a name with Confederate General Robert E. “It does show you with what’s happening, starting obviously with the president on down, how the country is just on edge, to the point where you get this insane overreaction,” Deutsch said on The brand manager and advertising executive also said that Trump, whom he used to like, has tendencies that resemble a sociopath.

“I watched the speech the other night, we’ve been at this for two years now, and we all try as intellectuals to analyze and get our arms around it,” Deutsch said.

on Thursday, Deutsch weighed in on the ESPN scandal involving one of their Asian- American announcers, Robert Lee.

Q: I think some people might be surprised at how knowledgeable you are about relationships.

What's your professional or personal experience with giving love advice?

Donny took over Bravo recently to field your burning questions on love, relationships, sex, and the delicate chemistry that drives all three.


Now with Valentine's Day fast approaching, meet the man offering to "take you inside the mind of a man," then check out his essential advice in our Love Calling clips.

But the mistake women make is they go to their girlfriends to get advice on their relationships when they should be going to a guy - a guy like me who's been there/done that and will take them inside the mind of a man.



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