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In the framework of western Eurasian tephrostratigraphy, the Campanian Ignimbrite (CI, southern Italy, circa 40 ka first recognized the large dispersal of the CI by correlating on-land outcrops to the widespread Y-5 marine layer.Interest in the eruption in the last decade has included recognition of the CI horizon in distal localities (e.g. 18) events and Palaeolithic cultural entities(a) Location of the main palaeoenvironmental records (orange dots) and Palaeolithic sites (blue dots) mentioned in the text.Fortunately, recent advancements in machine sensitivity and evaluations of standards and decay constants (e.g.


Because these ages are ultimately tied to astronomically dated Cenozoic sanidine standards from tuffs in Messadit, Morocco; Faneromeni, Crete; and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado via high-precision standard intercalibration studies, incorporating the errors in the ages of these monitors increases the overall uncertainty of the CI results by almost negligible amounts.

We believe an explanation for this discrepancy lies in the numerous improvements in analytical technique in the intervening several decades, including improved monitoring of neutron fluence gradients in irradiation packages, and major improvements in mass resolution, sensitivity, and efficiency afforded by a new generation of multicollector mass spectrometers (e.g.


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