Is britney spears dating someone

Ever since Britney Spear's new music video "Slumber Party" premiered, people have been going crazy over the Iranian guy in the video, Sam Asghari.

While it's not confirmed that they're dating, people have fallen in love with him and have taken to stalking his Instagram profile.

Remember when Brit crawled all over a table and made prolonged eye contact with a guy in a suit? They haven't publicly announced their relationship — yet!! You don't just tweet out photos of a random hunk for no reason.

You only do that when you're having a slumber party in real life.

He must be good with kids: Spears puts her two boys with Federline first — so should her man.

He must be a great dancer: He’s gotta keep up with Spears.

The caption tells you everything you need to know, really: "Mad love for this one." That "one" is Sam Asghari.

You probably recognize him as the super-hot dude from her "Slumber Party" video with Tinashe.

Kluger reportedly had the company agree to pay him 0,000 up front and had the "Lucky" singer's label, RCA, agree to pay 0,000 for the promotion.

He must be self-sufficient: Spears has no time in her life to support another mooching man.

He must be athletic: Spears likes to go on hikes, jump on a trampoline, hit up the gym, and do yoga.

I kept his number, and it was so weird -- it was like five months later, and I found his number in my bag.

Britney Spears recently released the music video for "Slumber Party," her latest single and song at the top of your sex playlist (it should be on repeat, for as long as necessary). Is her right hand touching Sam's perfectly muscled thigh under the table?!He must love Snapchat: Spears has a strong social media presence and she’s gotta be with someone who helps her continue creating A content.


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