Dobson on dating

Like you'd know anything about it." Parents are producing strong-willed children, Dobson says, and he wants parents to assume responsibility.

I don't mean to imply I have a corner on God's truth, but I do draw the ideas and principles from that foundation.

, which has sold more than two million copies to date. Was there advice for raising girls 30 years ago that would be bad advice today?

The founder of Focus on the Family says that one of his favorite letters came from a 14-year-old girl. No, I haven't changed my views because they are rooted in moral principles and in Scripture, so they are eternal.

It's amazing that if you go back 40 years, when I wrote was published in 1970 in the midst of the Vietnam War and a culture of rebellion.

The book was written in that context, but the principles of child rearing have not changed.



His answers to these questions can reveal much about how he feels about your daughter (and women in general), the degree to which he respects authority, and his own value system.

That will better enable you to evaluate whether or not he's a worthy suitor. Juli Slattery is a licensed psychologist, co-host of Focus on the Family, author of several books, and a wife and mother of three.

Submit your questions to: [email protected] On The Copyright 2010 Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO 80995 International Copyright Secured.

Brodie asked me where things were going after a year of dating, to which I couldn't give a definitive answer.


We stopped dating, yet something interesting happened – our relationship began to grow from good friends to best friends over the next several years." Dobson shared during the interview that during his own dating period with his future wife, Shirley, there was a time when they decided to go their separate ways.Q: Our 14-year-old daughter is asking us about dating, and my husband and I have told her she'll have to wait until she's 16 for maturity reasons. Juli: Dating is one of those parenting issues that every family seems to approach differently. It's great to get to know the opposite gender and it's OK to like someone.


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    Still, dating varies considerably by nation, custom, religious upbringing, technology, and social class, and important exceptions with regards to individual freedoms remain as many countries today still practice arranged marriages, request dowries, and forbid same-sex pairings.

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