Brightmail not updating

Symantec's NAVEXTM antivirus technology defends against new and known viruses.Attachment and subject line blocking capabilities provide responses against, and support for hourly definition updates enables organizations to respond quickly to, emerging threats.This feature is used sparingly, as it applies to all of RT and can easily lead to unintentionally blocking legitimate mail.Request Tracker creates a user record for every email address it received mail from.Keeping this in mind, should users choose to disable Java Script, it can be accomplished following the instructions below: 1. Sophos Pure Message (all platforms) – using anti-malware and anti-spam protection engines.Symantec: Norton Antivirus 2009 (and earlier supported version) Norton Internet Security 2009 (and earlier supported version) Norton 360 Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 Symantec Anti Virus 10 (and earlier supported version) Anti Virus for Cache Flow Security Gateway Symantec Anti Virus for Inktomi Traffic Edge Anti Virus for Net App Filer/Net Cache Mail Security for Domino v 5.x (and earlier supported version) Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange v 5.x (and earlier supported version) Symantec Mail Security for SMTP v 5.x (and earlier supported version) Symantec Web Security 3.0 (and earlier supported version) Anti Virus for Bluecoat Security Gateway Anti Virus for Clearswift MIMESweeper Anti Virus for Microsoft ISA Server Anti Virus Scan Engine Anti Virus for Linux Symantec Brightmail Gateway Sourcefire: Users/Customers of Sourcefire, Snort and Clam AV are protected against this vulnerability.It is therefore possible to disable such a generated user in RT, preventing that email address from accessing RT.

We have seen reports that disabling Java Script in Adobe Reader and Acrobat can protect users from this issue. We are now able to report that the following Antivirus and Security vendors and related products provide protections and information regarding this vulnerability: Bitdefender Bit Defender has provided info that their customers using the following products are protected from attacks against this exploit: • Bit Defender Antivirus 2009: Defender-Antivirus-2009• Bit Defender Internet Security 2009: Defender-Internet-Security-2009• Bit Defender Total Security 2009: Defender-Total-Security-2009Checkpoint: Check Point customers using Check Point Security Gateway products are protected from attacks exploiting this vulnerability, provided that the appropriate protection is activated.Because these filters must be manually and individually maintained this should be used sparingly, but it can be a valuable tool in the case of spam floods and automated senders flooding RT with messages that need to be stopped before they ever reach the RT server.


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