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Geelong Large industrial city which is much more attractive and interesting than first impressions.

Geelong, situated on Corio Bay (an arm of Port Phillip Bay), is the state's most sizeable provincial city.

A wool store was opened that same year on the townsite.

In 1837 Governor Bourke visited the new settlement which he had surveyed.

Cowie and Stead erected a lookout on what is now Bell Post Hill in order that incoming ships be quickly spotted; the reason being that goods from Van Dieman's Land had to be left at Point Henry as a sandbar prevented the entry of large vessels into the bay.


For entertainment, regular horse races were held from 1843, sea baths were established in 1844, regattas were held from 1844 and a theatre was built in 1847.It became the site of only the second police station of the Port Phillip district when Foster Fyans was appointed as police magistrate and protector of Aborigines.Geelong's first house of any substance was built that same year.In 1993 urban sprawl forced the de facto recognition that Geelong, Geelong West, Newtown, South Barwon, Bellarine and the shire of Corio were effectively a continuous whole and they were amalgamated to form the City of Greater Geelong which, in 1996, had a population of 175,409.

Regardless of Geelong's industrial reputation the CBD is quite elegant and beautiful owing to the Victorian public architecture, the floral gardens and parklands, the festive seaside qualities created by Corio Bay's presence, the beauty of Eastern Park and the Botanical Gardens on the headland overlooking the bay, and the thoughtful presentation of the promenade at Eastern Beach.

For about 25 000 years prior to European settlement the area was occupied by the Wathawurung people.


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