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This site contains nudity and is only intended for adults over the age of 18!If you are not 18 or you wish to prevent the transfer of this kind of content!I'm the guy that always try to make someone laugh or smile. My friends call me Peter Pan, you may call me whatever you like. This is why i'm seriously considering being an Adult Event Manager at some point in my life. I used to frequent one or two in the days before the strip clubs became high class over priced places.Even i've been looking for sex shows (the on-stage type) for so long and wonder why no one does them. Most of these so called 'seedy' places closed down in the meantime. Basic Membership is free and it only takes a minute to sign up. She leaned forward and grabbed the girl by the hips.

About Me: despite my advanced age - still defying gravity and pretty good shape!!! I don't have any great expectations of meeting anyone as in my experience age is the kiss of death in the gay world - but who know!

Who understand that the next person is a human being just like them. About Me: Im a lean / athletic built INDIAN guy who enjoys leading About Guys I Want To Meet: NB * Im looking to meet average guys who are down to earth and not pretentious for NSA M2M Fun or Hookups , etc. Basically I love life & I love living life, well educated, I got good sense of humor and enjoy laughing & socializing with quality people.

Sometimes quite,sometimes loud and sometimes in between. Sometimes I think to myself that I should have been a private investigator,then movie director/script writer at the same time. About Guys I Want To Meet: Regular guys who workout regularly, ABOVE AGE 26 OF COURSE ,keep that body in shape bro! NB * IF YOU ARE MARRIED - YOUR COMMITTMENT ........ NB * IF YOU ARE INVOLVED OR IN AN OPEN RELATI About Me: I'm a 24 y/o straight acting and discreet gay guy.

On ST under specials, there is an advert for a couple in Kempton Park i think, that offer live sex shows and you can jump in at any time, however i believe you are more looking for the Amsterdam type sex shows, that offer a stage, couple of people watching and 2 people on the stage doing it.

i do not know of a place that offers that here, although back a few years ago, there is a place called Electric Blue, 509 Pretoria Road Benoni, that used to offer it on a specific night, dont think they still do, but give them a call, perhaps they do.

Quite versatile, I speak my mind, its up to you how you chose to understand it!


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