841 error validating cardaccount number range is dale jarrett dating buffy waltrip

Call December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 117 Code Description Action 9553 Invalid Action Indicator 9555 Invalid BIN 9556 Invalid Merchant ID 9557 Invalid Name 9558 Invalid Address 9559 Invalid Address Invalid City 9561 Invalid State 9562 Invalid ZIP 9563 Invalid Invalid Phone 9565 Invalid Order Description 9566 Invalid Amount 9567 Invalid Account Type Indicator 9568 Invalid Account Number 9569 Invalid Account Expire Date 9570 Invalid ECP Account DDA 9571 Invalid ECP Account Type Indicator 9572 Invalid ECP Account Route 9573 Invalid ECP Bank Payment Delivery Method 9574 Invalid Switch Solo Start Date 9575 Invalid Switch Solo Issue Number 9576 Unable to Perform Profile Transaction.The Associated Transaction Call Failed Invalid Order Override Indicator 9578 Merchant-Bin combination is not allowed to perform profile Call transactions Merchant-Bin is not active. Message rejected 518 This merchant is not active until [This error is returned when a Merchant Account has been setup, but with an Activation date in the future of the present date]. 400 PWS_MANDATORY_FIELDS_ERROR 410 FE_NETWORK_ERROR (cannot connect to ehost) Resend 411 FE_INTERRUPTED_SESSION (i/o problem while connecting to ehost) Resend 516 The Merchant ID / Acquiring BIN ID is invalid or missing. G1 No Pre-note Error G2 No Address Error G3 Invalid Account Number Error G4 Authorization Revoked by Consumer Error Cust. G6 Invalid CECP Action Code Error December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 109 Code Definition Status Action G7 Invalid Account Format Error G8 Bad Account Number Data Error G9 No Capture Decline N/A H1 No Credit Function Decline N/A H2 No Debit Function Decline N/A H3 Rev Exceed Withdrawal Decline Cust. December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 110 Code Definition Status Action K2 Excess Card Freq Decline Cust.Transaction was flagged as an ecommerce Industry Type but No ECOrder Num was sent The ECOrder Num or Mail Order Num was all Zero s or All Spaces.All other GATEWAY SYSTEM ERROR CONDITIONS This encompasses various processing errors Resend Profile Errors 9550 Invalid Customer Reference Number From Order Indicator 9551 Invalid Customer Reference Number 9552 System Failure.Unable To Perform Customer Profile Request at This Time.


- Pcard 3 data can only be sent with US or Canadian currency Line item count must be between 1 and 98 inclusive 9747 Line item detail number [%s] is missing 9748 Cannot send Pcard 3 data without sending Pcard 2 field 9749 Minimal Pcard 3 base data missing or invalid 9750 Minimal Pcard 3 line item data missing or invalid on index 9751 Line Item Count does not match the number of line items sent 9752 Invalid debit indicator for Bin in index.

Call 9580 Cannot process profile for Cust Ref Num and MID combination.



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