Lesbian dating sim game

It is a little odd that listening to her suggestions during the date tend to end the date, so the tips really can help. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them. Great story, great scenes, and innovative ways to get through to the ends. This game has so many ways to go, so many twist and turns. She tells you to do something and then ends the date when you do. Do NOT listen to her, as this will often end the date.

Nice that there are different branches that you can succeed on, it really helps with the replayability. Sometimes even the same scenario is different just based upon what you`ve done earlier in that playthrough Fantastic game ! I`ve play it for months and am still finding diffrent things. This is probably one of the first dating sim game I played and still one of my favorites. Consider the balance of stats above and be sure not to push one of them too far too fast.

This guide uses a "[location] option" format for all clicks.



[anywhere] Pull your shirt down over your panties 41. second, at the nightclub rebecca start to took of her clothes and been warned by the bouncer This is game is like crack.



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