A rod dating madonna

....maybe i'll stop being an A-rod fan..i guess its just disturbing to me because i've always beena fan of Him and NOT HER!

Multiple sources tell outlet the retired baseball star and tech CEO split a few months ago over differences in personality.

Watch for A-Rod to pop up at the Oscar after-parties; he's set to attend Vanity Fair's bash, but might he also show up at Madonna's annual party?

Madonna is so ugly and i feel so bad for Alex's wife Cynthia because she just had a baby! ..now if he starts to date her i will be totally disgusted..i don't think i will be able to be his fan anymore! ....maybe because am only half white and don't have millions of dollars..i do have thousands! In recent weeks, though, the “On the Floor” songstress has been spending time with A-Rod, a source confirmed to Us Weekly. “They’re in the same place in their lives, they both have kids around the same age.” The baseball hunk shares daughters Natasha, 12, and Ella, 8, with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.The Grammy nominee and the former Yankee, 41, hung out in L. last weekend and recently met up in Las Vegas, where Rodriguez attended Lopez’s All I Have residency at Planet Hollywood. He has also dated Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Torrie Wilson and Anne Wojcicki."He is a powerful figure in his industry, and so is she in hers," Houlihan said.


"I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did get together, they would be a huge power couple," she added.

He tells her she has ten pounds more to go and she’ll be more fit than Madonna.



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