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LABOURAID DRINK – version #1 1 L water or Pregnancy Tea 1/3 C raw honey or real maple syrup 1/3 C juice, fresh-squeezed from a real lemon 1/2 t salt, preferably Celtic or Himalayan 1/4 t baking soda 2 crushed calcium tablets These next two versions are from . LABOURAID DRINK – version #2 / Lemon Labor Aide 4 C water 1/2 C freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/4 t salt, preferably Celtic or Himalayan 1/4 C raw honey (or more to taste) a few drops concentrated minerals (available at health stores, optional) a few drops Rescue Remedy (optional) LABOURAID DRINK – version #3 / Coconut & Lime Labor Aide 3 C coconut water 1 C water (or more) 1/2 C freshly squeezed lime juice 1/4 t salt, preferably Celtic or Himalayan 2 T raw honey or maple syrup a few drops concentrated minerals (available at health stores, optional) a few drops Rescue Remedy (optional) VEGGIE BROTH Add fresh or dried veggies (e.g. Gel caps are made from animal gelatin and veg caps are vegan, made from plant materials. If you’re at another hospital that has concerns, then you can sign their waiver.

carrots, celery, onion, garlic – anything) to boiling water Simmer for 20-30 min Add 1 T apple-cider vinegar Season with any herbs or spices you like Add salt to taste, preferably Himilayan or Celtic (kelp powder can be used instead) Blend to smooth consistency or strain veggie chunks out BONE BROTH Put bones and any left-over bits, including meat on bones in pot and cover with water. See a detailed ingredients list for our high quality capsules. The processing is done using OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standards. Remind the people attending your birth that you wish to keep it. Are there any cases where my placenta can’t be encapsulated?

This listening process is called intermittent auscultation.

Most women prefer their labouraide chilled and their broths warm. Obstetrical staff at Regina General Hospital and nearby rural hospitals are quite used to women keeping their placenta.

Slumlords like yourself are obliged to pull out ragweed in order to relieve citizens’ suffering.

Enlightened cities, like ours, have laws to enforce the crackdown on ragweed.

Add 1-2 T apple cider vinegar Bring to boil then simmer (large bones such as beef for up to 24 hours; small animal bones such as chicken only need 3-4 hours) Strain Add salt to taste, preferably Himilayan or Celtic (kelp powder can be used instead) Optional: Add dried or finely chopped fresh veggies, herbs or spices and simmer for another 30min The report alleging an infant being infected with Group-B Strep bacteria from placenta capsules is completely inaccurate. As is often the case in anything birth-related, the headline is misleading. All surfaces and equipment are cleaned, then disinfected, then twice-sterilized using chemical methods. Can you make capsules from my placenta if I choose to use epidural or other medications in labour? Is my placenta safe to encapsulate if there’s meconium (baby poops inside) during the birth? In the rare case of uterine or placental infection during labour, your placenta will be taken away to the pathology department for analysis.

In reading through the details (summarized below), you’ll see that it’s impossible that the placenta capsules were the source of infection. Waterbirth provides a wonderful and gentle birth experience for both mother and baby. Proper training and a lot of experience: We’ve offered this service since 2009 and between us have done 500 placentas, making us the most experienced encapsulators in Saskatchewan. (This is “over-kill” but is reassuring to us and our clients! We’ve processed well over 500 placentas and have never received one that was infected (we do watch for it though). At Regina General Hospital, the placenta is usually put into a square plastic container; you can use that for storage and transport. At home births or other hospitals you’ll need to provide your own container (we provide detailed instructions).

Nice sitz-bath blends can be purchased – look for an Epsom salts base with herbs or pure essential oils; no fragrance or additives.


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