Goodreads recommendations not updating

Play with the book recommendations feature to find new reads on the go.Fair warning: flipping through the never-ending carousel of book covers is potentially addictive. More is more when it comes to creating personalized shelves.Everyone starts with the three basic shelves – Want to Read, Currently Reading, and Read.These are exclusive shelves – any individual book can only be on one of these at a time.Books will only be counted towards your 2017 Reading Challenge if the "date I finished this book" field contains a date in 2017. Within the "My Activity" section, click "Edit" on the right. Check to see that the "date I finished this book" is filled in with a date from 2017. If there is a date, and it's still not being counted, contact us.

You’ll also get other updates, including when the author has a new book coming out.

How does the number of books you’ve read this year compare to previous years? How many of the books you’ve read this year earned your 5-star rating?


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