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Figure 2: Simulated Google Authentication integration To get a free GAE account, you'll need just two things: an existing Google account, which can be a Gmail address, or username for any Google application such as Picasa Web Albums, and a mobile phone.


The administrative web app facilitates searching for unused application names and secures your choice once a desired and available name has been found. App IDs are immutable, and even if deleted, are not currently recycled for reuse in the global available name pool.This Refcard specifically focuses on the Google App Engine for Java, which will hereafter be referred to as GAE/J.The Google App Engine platform inherits many characteristics and technological benefits of proprietary Google applications.Developers need to keep this in mind and test their application on the real GAE servers as a final step prior to public announcements.

The simulator, which launches at by default, even locally mimics Google account logins, if the integrated authentication options are used, and provides a Big Table datastore browser to review and edit test data.

has its own Google Query Language (GQL), very similar to SQL, but with greater syntactical constraints.



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