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And do note that we call it document conformance and not authoring conformance, and we talk about conformance requirements for documents, not conformance requirements for authors.That’s because you as an author are a human being; a technical specification can’t place requirements on you, it can only place requirements on documents you create.Other words for what this tool does that aren’t yet party-approved goodthink are words like .But the difference with this thing I work on is, the linting rules are actually defined in a spec, instead of something, say, Doug Crockford (to pick a name at random) woke up one morning and just pulled out of his hat.



If you mean checking custom elements, my answer is that custom elements aren’t yet widely supported in multiple browser engines, so I don’t think it’s useful for me or anybody else to put too much of time and energy yet into figuring out how to deal with checker behavior for documents that contain custom elements.The legacy W3C validator is at validator.w3and its core is built on old stuff like Perl and DTDs and SGML and old specs from the 20th century like HTML4 and nobody is actively maintaining its code at this point.


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