Reggie bush dating non black women

So when did Amber Rose’s career path become a gold-digging joke but Kim’s career path praiseworthy?

Furthermore, doesn’t Amber Rose’s entrepreneurship, intellect, and personality matter?

He is no longer someone that I can defend because it is too often that Kanye and other Black men use Black women (perceived and actual) as a punch line or as a benchmark for non-Black women’s worth.

In response to Amber Rose’s comments on Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship, Kanye pulled out the misogynoir wild card by stripping Amber Rose of her autonomy, credibility, and worth by saying that her career was only because of the opportunity that provided by dating her.

Her sex tape with Ray J is still making rounds on the internet. Kim had a child by Kanye West while still married to Chris Humphries. Amber’s white-passing Blackness does not read as acceptable as Kim’s white passing presentation does.

She has posed nude for magazines and fashion editorials. Amber Rose’s racial ambiguity does not strip her of being seen as Black, and therefore less than.

But Kim Kardashian is imagined as white (or at least white-passing)…a business woman that uses her sexual agency to create a successful empire. We need to understand that Black women are not given the right to display, share, or present our bodies how we please.

Black women are not given the right to body autonomy or sexual freedom.


If Kim had dated me when I wanted, there would be no Amber Rose” (biggest eye-roll of the century).

She is a lead organizer for Black Action Now and creator of Free Figure Revolution.

She graduated with her degree in Business Administration and Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Reggie Bush is living in a world of uncertainty, because a woman claims he's the father of her unborn baby ... The woman -- Monique -- is a nightclub waitress who lives in Miami.


Our sources say early on in her pregnancy, she contacted Reggie and there were discussions about terminating the pregnancy in return for a large payment.

__________________________________________________________ Ashleigh Shackelford is a community organizer, pop culture enthusiast, and part-time blogger.


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