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Blocking ads on Internet Explorer used to be more complicated than Firefox… Nonetheless, I will provide multiple different methods on blocking ads in Internet Explorer – you decide which one is best for you. =P)Ad Block Plus Ad Block Plus, the famous ad-blocking add-on for Firefox, has now been officially ported to Internet Explorer.Like Ad Block Plus on Firefox, Ad Block Plus on Internet Explorer is easy-to-install and just works — it starts blocking ads from the get-go without you needing to setup anything. Also be sure to read dot Tech’s article on what Ad Block Plus’ ‘Acceptable Ads’ are and how to turn them off.You need to select one of the filters to use; unless you know what you are doing, just leave it at “Easy List” and click “Add subscription”.After the initial installation you can select to use more than one filter (“Tools” - “Add Filter Subscription…”) but in all honesty one filter is more than enough to block 99.5% of ads.


The process is actually quite a bit easier than it sounds — you only have to click a few buttons — and it is very effective: it blocks ads on every browser or program on your computer.As such, you can use Ad Fender to block ads on Firefox, Internet Explorer (including the latest v11 of IE), Chrome, Opera, or any other web browser you use; it also blocks ads on instant messaging programs and torrent software.All you have to do is download and install Ad Fender, and it is good to go — it will automatically block ads on Internet Explorer (and your other browsers).In fact, while I don’t know if Firefox was the first browser to support adblockers, I do know Firefox is what made adblocking popular.


If you are a Firefox user and you want to block ads, look no further than Ad Block Plus.

(For example, dot Tech uses Java Script for the scroll “Old But Still Gold” on the main page; dot Tech’s search cannot be used until scripts are enabled.)I highly recommend Ad Block Plus over No Script for ad blocking needs.


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