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See more » ] There are places in my neighborhood no one ever thinks about.You see them every day and every day you forget about them. A bar the bosses choose randomly each night to be the safe for an entire city. [...] See more » Seven Point Five Written by Matthew Correia, Spencer Dunham, Miles Michaud and ' Pedrum Siadatian' Performed by Allah-Lahs Courtesy of Holy Barbarians LLC & Innovative Leisure By arrangement with Lip Sync Music, Inc. Roskam burst onto the scene a few years back with "Bullhead" which was deservedly nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film."They really did keep the green scene stuff to an absolute minimum. I was really badly attacked by a dog when I was a kid. I always thought people who come home early from a night out to get back to their dogs or bought their dogs stockings for Christmas were just the saddest human beings ever.And then you get to watch the CGI trickery afterwards and go 'oh wow. But now I am one of those sad human beings." When did you first fall in love Charlotte?She's a face you might recognise from Peaky Blinders, medieval TV drama World's End, lurking in the background behind Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the rather silly sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow or making a splash in the 2009 TV version of Wuthering Heights in which she starred opposite said Mr Hardy (in case you were wondering how they met). She is one of the lead roles in the BBC's much-trailed, already much-lauded new fantasy drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, in which she plays Arabella, married to the titular Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel to you and me; Eddie Marson plays Mr Norrell). There's also a big-screen thriller opposite our very own Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen) and Ron Howard's latest film In the Heart of the Sea. In fact Riley has travelled down to London from Liverpool today just to meet me. She's up in Liverpool filming Stephen Poliakoff's latest drama Close to the Enemy, set in the post-war years. Each contains a word, I explain, and you have to tell me the first thing that comes into your head when you read the word."I'm particularly passionate about the forties, so I'm loving learning to swing dance at the moment," she says gleefully. "I think it's because the weather's so cold and the past seems so cosy and warm." In person Riley is a bright-eyed, brown-eyed girl with a northern English accent (she grew up near Middlesbrough) and a huge sense of fun. But before we go there maybe we should talk about Jonathan Strange first."I just love him however he comes," Riley says sweetly.

And as a huge fan of James Gandolfini, I'm sad to say this is the last time we'll ever see him on the big screen."I'm not scared of beards," she confirms once I've explained what pogonophobia is. Yeah, they're better than short and spiky because that's not good for women's delicate skin." I ask of course because Riley's better half - Tom Hardy if you didn't know - often spouts some radical facial hair in his roles (when he's not wearing a mask on his face in Batman movies).There was the handlebar tache in Bronson, the full set in Peaky Blinders and, out this week, the stubbly look in the new Mad Max film.But only after she says how much she wanted to work with the writer and director who gave us Glorious 39 and Caught on a Train. I have brought a bundle of folded-up bits of paper with me which I dump onto the table when we sit down. A seven-part adaptation of Susannah Clarke's fantasy novel (think the Battle of Waterloo but with magic), it combines costume drama with CGI. 'Shy bairns get nowt.' You don't ask, you don't get.


"I didn't get to see what they did with the magic until I watched the previews, Riley says. You don't enquire, you don't learn." So, let's learn what we can about Ms Riley. Charlotte Riley on love "I have recently discovered my love of dogs. Now we have two dogs and it's really expanded my love for the whole animal kingdom.

Although the material wasn't particularly fresh, the actors and a few strong scenes make it worthwhile.



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    The program has been found to be equally effective for males and females and for whites and non-whites. Her etiological research has included identifying determinants, at multiple ecological levels, of violence between adolescent dating couples, adolescent cigarette smoking and alcohol use and adolescent sexual behavior. Stacey Langwick is an assistant professor at the University of Florida and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Anthropology and the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Session 1: Defining Caring Relationships: A bingo game and class discussions introduce students to the program.

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