Dating curriculum for mentally retarded

" However, the item did not explore the legal rights of the retarded in other areas--such as marriage, home ownership, and the right to drive. The American Association on Mental Retardation defines someone as mentally retarded if they 1) have an IQ below 70-75; 2) are limited in two or more adaptive skill areas (daily living skills needed to live, learn, work, and play in the community); and 3) if the condition is present from childhood (defined as age 18 or younger).An estimated seven million mentally retarded people live in the United States.There has also been significant litigation under the Americans with Disabilities Act involving mentally retarded individuals evicted or denied access to housing based on their disability.Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other civil rights legislation, including the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, landlords and communities can no longer deny housing, employment, or other fundamental rights to the developmentally disabled without a strong showing that they simply have no capability to function.It includes the ability to understand non-literal, figurative speech.For example, the weather is a popular way to make small talk.Students involved in the Trainable Mentally Disabled program will use computers to supplement reading and personal information skills being taught as part of the implementation of student's Individual Education Plan.This activity will also allow students to reinforce fine-motor, visual-motor and behavioral skills.


However, someone with an ID might become horrified.Some examples of good social skills include: Social skills are closely linked with language and communications skills.


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