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---------------------------------------------- We asked all the staff at to vote for their favourite stars of the year - and the chart-stealing front page-bagging A-list came a clear first. British singer DANIEL BEDINGFIELD is single again after splitting up with his girlfriend of four months.

The GOTTA GET THRU THIS star had been dating an American known only as ANNA. Singer/songwriter DANIEL BEDINGFIELD will be left red-faced the next time he runs into actor HEATH LEDGER after trying to befriend the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star during an interview for US men's magazine GQ. Teen opera singer HAYLEY WESTENRA has slammed rumours she is dating singer DANIEL BEDINGFIELD.

British singer Daniel Bedingfield was left heartbroken after missing his beloved grandfather's funeral on Thursday (15Nov12).

Bedingfield and his sister Natasha lost their paternal grandfather over the weekend (10-11Nov12) and the Gotta Get Thru This hitmaker,...


Pop siblings NATASHA and DANIEL BEDINGFIELD will soon be competing in the charts with their youngest sister NIKOLA - who is in negotiations with three major record labels. Natasha Bedingfield has thanked her brother Daniel Bedingfield for helping her break into the music industry.



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