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From 2007 to 2011, items in Google Reader could be shared with other Web users.

Previously this was done by sending a link through e-mail, directing the user to the shared article; or by creating a basic webpage that includes all shared items from a user's account.

Google Reader stopped supporting this feature in June 2010. Play presented a slideshow interface which displayed popular items one at a time.

These items were drawn from assorted sites' feeds, and their appearance in Play was based on the data provided by Reader users' responses, e.g. Unlike Google Reader, a Google Account was not required to access Play.

After working at Google he began a similar project with a small team that launched an improved product on October 7, 2005, as Google Reader.

In September 2006 Google announced a redesign for Reader that included new features such as unread counts, the ability to "mark all as read", a new folder-based navigation, and an expanded view so people could quickly scan over several items at once.

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After coming back online, Google Reader updated the feeds.

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