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Marcos Mataro of D ' X-Man, UNTV, was instantly killed with 6 gunshot wounds while waiting for a bus bound for Metro Manila.

It is time to look into journalist killings all over again, perchance there is any hope for change.

That these things have set a pattern for others to follow indicates that the gangrene is there: the penchant to shut up somebody’s mouth from telling the truth.

As reported in Abante Online, May 29, 2008, the suspect to Mataro’s killing was Nickson Icao, owner of the motorcycle used by the gunmen with plate number DW4524; and Felizardo Lumagham, or “Ka Zaldy”, a deacon of the Iglesia ni Cristo who reportedly borrowed the motorcycle. Manila, Philippines – Unlike Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton’s long, heated rivalry in the 2008 US presidential campaign, there are politicians in other countries who choose to take the short cut to political power by wooing the kingmaker.

Instead of patiently reaching out to the electorate, these politicians seek the person or group of people who has the capacity to influence the conclusion of a political run, a method that assures the former’s promise of the future in exchange for the latter’s favor.

Included in this report are most recent ones known to the public but ignored by mainstream media.


The Ang Dating Daan group, officially registered as Members Church of God International (MCGI), have more than 5,000 local chapters in the Philippines and more than 500 chapters in different parts of the globe.Records showed that Veridiano admitted in a letter and video that he raped and committed lascivious acts against several young men (more than 14 teenage boys) and used Church funds for his personal effects.Videos of Veridiano admitting his sins are being shown on Bible Expositions hosted by Bro.Immediately following is a register of journalists in the Philippines killed, detained, harassed, or threatened while doing their duty.


The period spans barely the last decade from 2002 up to the present although for the recent years, data have yet to be consolidated.

At times, these reports that include classic cases give a description of the event and the situation obtaining.


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