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Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information and a quick search facility to scout for information about peers by using search keys, like contact number, of the personality being searched.Il y a une définition internationale du commerce équitable, qui dit que « le commerce équitable est un partenariat commercial, fondé sur le dialogue, la transparence et le respect, dont l’objectif est de parvenir à...


A self service password reset solution that allows an end user to self reset his domain password in windows active directory remotely from a web browser without calling the helpdesk is an essential requirement.For any password self-service software, the foremost duty is to establish the identity of the user requesting password self-service.ADSelf Service Plus employs two techniques in order to verify and establish the identity of a user: In the first case, the user answers a set of predefined security questions and in the second method, the user has to successfully reproduce the verification code sent to his mobile or e-mail id to establish his identity.This way, users will only have one password to remember for all the systems they have access to, and you can ensure that the new Windows AD password set by the user is automatically updated across different platforms without any intervention from the user or administrator. A self service password reset solution coupled with periodic notification on soon to expire passwords heightens the confidence of an administrator to set more complex password policies in the Active Directory.

Setting complex password policies helps confirm to Audit requirements. ADSelf Service Plus with its advanced functionality allows an automatic reset of passwords at scheduled intervals of time if configured in the Admin Portal by the administrator.Administrators can also choose to enable SMS/E-mail verification code check.


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    The app is aimed at creating a completely new video-chatting experience that mimics the real-life experience of walking into a friend’s dorm room or hanging out at a party.

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    Softcore pornographic films were broadcast in the service's earlier years; however, by 1983, ONTV began to incorporate hardcore features as part of its "Adults Only" late-night service.

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    The tape had this one layer that was a right bugger to remove.

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