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You think you might be doing somebody a favour, then you realise they’ve done you one,’ says Bettany, 40.

‘It’s nice to be given the chance to do something I’ve not done before.’At this point he moved from Hertfordshire to London, lived in a cockroach-infested flat above a restaurant and scraped together an existence by busking and offering his landlord guitars in lieu of rent.

But pals insist that although Connelly may have something of a checkered past with men, she's sure about her present man.

A friend says, "The good thing for Paul is that she really wants to settle down for good." » Hollywood wedding bells may be ringing for hot couple Jennifer Connelly and her A Beautiful Mind co-star Paul Bettany.

If one boyfriend stops being in awe of her, she'll move on to the next one.

She cheated on one boyfriend several times." The source adds that brunette Connelly had been dating Josh Charles, the star of TV series Sports Night, for nearly two years when she met Bettany in 2000.


The Oscar-winning beauty, who has a five-year-old son, Kai, from a previous relationship, and A Knight's Tale star Bettany were due to tie the knot this month - but now pals say that the two will not wed until "some time next year." But sources insist the screen stars have not broken up - they're still living together in Connelly's Hollywood Hills home.Bettany would play with Kai, Jennifer’s son with photographer David Dugan, in her trailer. ‘Jennifer and I were both with other people,’ he says.‘We’d been speaking on the phone throughout the year when 9/11 happened.But friends warn that Bettany could have a tough time keeping his Oscar- winning belle in check, because she's been known to have quite the wandering eye.


A source tells American tabloid the Star, "Jennifer is extremely flirtatious, and she was often cheating on one of her boyfriends with somebody else.

I was in Italy and found myself ringing her again and again and again. I’m probably in love with this woman.” It took a terror attack to realise.’Bettany jokes that he married up with Connelly because she studied at Yale and Stanford, and is multilingual.


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