Updating apple memory


One example is "clones," which let the file system create an identical copy of a file without taking up additional space, by referencing the same storage structure as representing multiple files in different locations.

It's possible that i OS and third-party apps will increasingly take further advantage of APFS features to save even more space in the future, optimizing their storage practices to match the capabilities of the underlying file system.

Read next: Mac Book buying guide 2017 | Mac Book deals 2017 In all Mac Book models the processor is soldered onto the motherboard and not upgradeable.

RAM is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded.

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Please note, first of all, that this guide doesn't cover pre-intel Mac models.

It appears that the conversion to the new Apple File System (APFS) included in i OS 10.3 is more efficient in how it formats volume storage.


The larger the storage of your device, the more free space i OS 10.3 appears able to reclaim.

The Mac Book Air is a little more limited, but you should be able to upgrade the SSD and battery.

The Retina Mac Book on the other hand can't be upgraded at all, unfortunately.

While the feature enhancements of new OS updates generally take up more of your available storage, Apple's latest i OS 10.3 update has freed up gigabytes of available storage for many users making the upgrade. After upgrading a top of the line, 256GB i Phone 7 Plus (packed with over 40,000 photos and almost 200 apps) from i OS 10.2.1 to 10.3, the phone reported a jump in available space from 75.45 GB to 83.26 GB, an increase of 7.81 GB.


Curiously, the device also reported an increase in capacity, which jumped from 248.5 GB to 252.14 GB, a difference of 3.64 GB.This appears to also result in a capacity increase, consuming less storage as part of the volume partition and file system structure.



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