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And the hard-done-by Lions players made a point of snubbing their deposers.

That left the Kings scratching around for foreign players – of which we’re now told we can only use two.

They lived in Los Angeles for 7 months and then moved to Nashville TN.

Several years later Nikki relocated to Los Angeles, she met Breyon Prescott and signed with his label Chameleon Entertainment/Island Def Jam.

If bringing a top franchise to the Eastern Cape, home of black rugby, must be done using contacts, back-room deals and nudge-nudge, wink-wink reciprocity, so be it. Luke’s ill-considered vomit-on-the-jersey and “Dutchmen” statements made him an object of derision for many Bok fans, though.

His being parachuted into the Bok team in 2007 was a poisonous act that reflected poorly on all involved.

Sponsors, too, are a hard thing to organise at short notice. They’ve since secured a sponsor from infrastructure development group Aveng, and good luck to them.

Especially when you’re positioned in the economic backwater of Port Elizabeth and your team is only guaranteed one season in the big time. Besides kit sponsor Puma, there’s not a logo anywhere. But lack of sponsorship bucks has not held back the Kings and the Athol Fugard of rugby coaching, Alan Solomons.

The closest one-word emotion to capture it would be pride.This guy chose to return from a sweet set-up in Bath where he was hailed for his play and had no political role, to come home to help build a franchise from the ground up and try transform our most reluctant sporting code. But it’s a story of underdogs getting a chance and taking it. Of course, all the Kings have really done is beat the kakkest team in the competition. A real achievement would be making mid-table, perhaps bettering another SA team like the Cheetahs and avoiding the promo-relegation play-off.But as I type this, the Southern Kings are top of the SA conference and life is good.Patiently waiting our turn was never going to work. Where a traditional SA rugby captain is required to say, “Ja no, we gotta play the game in their half and get front-foot ball,” Luke has rather a tougher task.

The rugby establishment has spent 22-odd years of readmission fudging transformation and ensuring the demographics of top sports teams bear no relation to the racial make-up of the country at large. In a recent EWN interview he was asked what it was like to get death threats at age six and in the same breath to explain why he said he wanted to vomit on the Bok jersey.Her songwriting credits include Lauren Alaina's "Like My Mother Does", Williams' "Fly Again" from the Country Strong and Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack".



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