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Though her net worth is still under review, she is a million dollar girl for sure and her net worth has added up to her fame and is definitely complimenting her charming personality along with her prodigious talent.

together on the Favorites (Malakal) tribe, both carrying with them very different reputations.

She has competed in Survivor: Cook Island in which she finished in the sixth position.

She was runner-up of the Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains. On this show, she interviewed the voted off contestants from survivor and chats with special guests.

She was also the host of the web series Around the World For Free which started airing on July 5, 2011.

Parvati Shallow was rumored to have dated many guys.

She is generous by nature and is part of the campaigns for the betterment of society.She was an active member of Alpha O micron Pi sorority while in the University.


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