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Tom asks Lane to help him do a 'makeover' for the big meeting, so they go out to shop and have fun doing so - Lane gets him to buy something other than plain white dress shirts, along with a new tie, shoes, and handsome suit.For a moment there is some obvious sexual tension between the two.He replies he loves her too, and they embrace and kiss.Lane's next Cosmo article is about 'how to help your boyfriend become more fashion savvy'.



One night, Lane and a friend bump into Tom at the corner market.But she also has a previously planned date with Seth, a co-worker. Meanwhile, Tom discovers Lane's qualifications for the job are none-existent, but she is trying to do the work, so he warns her to stop lying and "get back to work".A more immediate problem is that Kate told Lane to date only businessmen in suits, and that is not Liam either.The two-hour original movie was directed by Gil Junger, and filming occurred in late 2009, with portions shot in New York City in October, and New Orleans, Louisiana in November.


star continues focusing on her daughter and Skinnygirl empire, some fans are wondering if the Bravolebrity is thinking about romance.

She is to go under-cover and look for her 'magic man' (one for whom she has a lengthy checklist of desirable attributes, as opposed to her friend Joanne's checklist which consists of: 1 cute).


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