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Moreover, there is a widely-held belief that sex is a bedtime activity, something you do before you turn in for the night — this is a myth.

In fact, the best time to have sex is in the mornings as your hormone levels are higher then.” When you don’t make time for it, or find yourself squeezing time for sex into a busy schedule, it turns into a mechanical task.

The highest drop in sexual activity was reported among married people.

In 2014, the Australian National Survey of Sexual Activity showed that people in heterosexual relationships were having sex on average 1.4 times per week, down from 1.8 times just 10 years earlier.

In such cases, sex is largely hormonedriven, need-based and goaloriented.

The previous generation saw the rise of no-string relationships, ie, mutuallyworkable arrangements that allowed partners to engage in sexual intercourse as and when required, for quick gratification.

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But what constitutes ‘love’ itself is a fairytale idea and this often leaves people chasing a dream.” No time for love According to sex therapist and counsellor Dr Rajan Bhonsle, the changing social structure and the frenetic pace of urban life are also to blame.Many people have sex just once or twice a month and then rationalise it by saying that it’s due to their busy lives.Even if it’s enough for you, make an effort to consider your partner’s needs,” says Dr Sonar.Living the ‘high’ life Dr Pavan Sonar, a consultant psychiatrist and sexologist observes that, in the metros like Mumbai, widespread substance abuse is another reason that people are engaging in less sex.

“It’s astounding how many people in our major metros are addicted to alcohol and/or recreational drugs ranging from cannabis to cocaine.He explains that, “people are so distracted by their electronic gadgets that sex is no longer a priority.” And then there’s ‘overkill’.


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