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He said the Taliban would rebuild the Kabul Museum to show off the remaining historical objects, which do not represent living things, which are forbidden according to the Taliban's harsh interpretation of Islam.The destruction of the statues is almost certain to lead to even greater condemnation and the isolation of the Taliban by the international community.He said the Taliban had no intention to disrespect any other religion."We do admit the relics were the cultural heritage of Afghanistan, but the part that contradicts our Islamic beliefs we would not like to have them any more."Mullah Wakil said the edict had been under discussion by the Taliban authorities for more than a year and did not permit the removal of the statues to other countries - which Japan, India and New York's Metropolitan Museum had offered to do.The followers of the philosophy, which calls for the pursuit of inner peace and love, led dozens of lay people in the protest on Mount Lavinia house on the outskirts of the capital, Colombo.Police arrested about 30 of the Rohingya Muslims – including 16 children – for their own safety as plans were put in place to move the group to another location, officials said.But his mention of steel rods and cement walls which were erected in the 1930s to bolster the back of the standing Buddhas and which are now exposed made it clear that the frontal part of the statues had been blown up.

The Georgetown-IDP Project for North American Collections developed from conversations between Susan Whitfield, Miki Morita and myself that began in spring 2015, following Susan’s trip to Georgetown University to deliver a well-received talk on IDP and the landscape of international collaboration in the Critical Silk Road Studies Seminar, a year-long series of events supported by the Mellon Foundation that I co-organized at Georgetown in 2014-2015.

More than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from the country's eastern state of Rakhine where a crackdown by the military erupted after insurgent assaults by the minority group on security forces.

The outbreaks of violence by the Rohingya came after decades of complaints of persecution of the people in Burma.

He was told that all other "moveable statues" - including more than a dozen smaller Buddha statues in the Kabul Museum - had also been destroyed.


Mr Annan, who spent half an hour with Mullah Wakil during the first leg of his South Asia tour, showed dismay and frustration while talking to reporters.He said: "They will be doing themselves a great deal of disservice and no religious leaders from the Islamic world have supported the edict.



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