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In LP64, what Mac OS X uses for 64-bit code, this is wrong and will probably cause some runtime errors if the code isn't fixed. the GC patch builds macam as Garbage Collector supported (as opposed to unsupported or Garbage Collector only), so it will work with apps that are either not garbage-collected or those that are. Also, using IOVideo Device, as it's in the kernel level, doesn't care if an app is garbage-collected or not.

The thing that does worry me is if older Quick Time apps can still use IOVideo Device drivers, or if a bridge will be needed. It looks like, in order to make an AVFoundation driver, there needs to be a KEXT extension.

FWIW, the patch comments list the various register settings combinations I tried so far and the results in macam.

As mentioned in the Help forum post, in the Resolution VGA / (fps == 60) block I used: [self set Sensor Register:0x11 to Value:0x01]; [self set Sensor Register:0x0d to Value:0x40]; [self verify Set Register:0xe5 to Value:0x00]; and for 240 experiment in the Resolution SIF block, I used: [self set Sensor Register:0x11 to Value:0x01]; [self set Sensor Register:0x0d to Value:0x80]; [self verify Set Register:0xe5 to Value:0xe0]; (I was trying to add 240 fps to the Settings panel but seem to either have stripped too much out of the code or am just completing missing how to do this; for testing purposes I'd added this to the 180 fps block.

Basically my patch is just the 3 register settings (see below) so perhaps they would work w either chip? The patch allows the PS3 Eye video to work at 60fps in VGA.

I since noticed that other projects already knew how to enable this; not sure if my solution is the "correct" way to go but it seems to work.

Hi, I'm in the last few months of finishing my Ph D.

p=8254#p8254 Basically I have added, hue, shutter speed, gain, multiple cameras, manual exposure, limited white balance and increased frame-rate support, to try and get it on par with the windows PS3 eye driver.

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Another point that may cause issues is the transition to 64-bit.

I noticed in one part of the code that it assumes longs are 32-bit long (it was in the YUV to RGB converters).So at the 1/3 mark there is a vertical band of jagged video and on the extreme right of the frame there is a green line and an area of a few mm of the right-hand edge that is repeated.


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