Are matt hardy amy dumas dating again

It wasn't long before Amy -- now christened Lita -- joined WWE. It took a broken neck suffered on the set of a television series to stop her..only temporarily. For her fans only, casual wrestling fans should avoid.

I have always absolutely loved Lita and has been a big role model in my life since I was a little girl and gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and be myself.


People are too cowardly or they try to act like they're more than what they would ever be worth and Lita's not that type of person. Her personality if so relaxed and chilled she just goes with the flow and tries not to think on things more than she has to.The real bright spot is the candor she uses when talking about reco While I commend Lita for the breakthroughs she made (e.g showing women could make good use of the top rope) I was not and never will be an Amy Dumas fan.The real bright spot is the candor she uses when talking about recovering from her neck injury..was really inspiring to read about her internal struggle.Lita fans I am very sure will love this as much as I did but definitely recommend to any wrestling fan whether you loved or hated her.

Lita was my favorite Diva for a long time-not sure if it's cause she was with the Boyz, or just her personality.

Almost a feminist read, showing the difficulties of being a woman and trying to get into a predominantly male corporation.


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