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The company has about 1,000 of these cloud-connected elevators around the world.They're especially popular in China, which is a growing market for the company."We're thinking of adding an elevator in China to the page because right now when it's night in Europe and in the United States it's a bit boring.Keep in mind that if you go it alone and something happens like the taxi/bus breaks down and you end up being late back to the ship it will not wait for you unless it is advised.On the other hand if it is a ship-booked tour there are no problems as they are in contact with the tour companies.Save up to 80% on shipboard prices and be guaranteed of a place while planning with new friends beforehand!An example is Port Vila's "The Ekasup Cultural Tour" with prices for 2 adults.The elevators are in Illinois, Stockholm, Sweden, Delft in the Netherlands and Espoo, Finland.


Meet the rest of our team Our Exclusive Lay-by Plans have been very popular for over 20 years now, and are available for all cruises departing more than 6 months in the future.This week the Finnish elevator company Kone launched a website showing four of its elevators around the world talking to the cloud.


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