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I'd have to take the whole thing off, but I want to leave it on for you because you said you like it." So she had made a cut to the front of the skirt about a foot long and re-sewn the dividing line with a pretty pink fringe. It was one we had watched a week earlier, starring a diminutive teen actress who played a shepherdess in search of her lost flock of sheep. It starts with the ears, you know." Shae was rarely shy.We tried it out that night, my daughter bouncing herself to orgasm on my cock while the bottoms of the seductive garment were able to glide freely around her hips. "But it's so...well, *weird*", mumbled Alexis, eyeing Shae up and down as she sat on the floor. A series of freak events kept her from being able to keep her clothes fully on at all times, with sudden wind gusts and curious animals somehow contriving to remove more and more of her outfit as she traveled the farmlands, asking burly farmhands if they could help her find her flock. Of course, she knew everything about sex, since I had taught it to her. Sex is when a boy and girl love each other." "But how would YOU know? " Hysterical giggling ensued from the Alexis/Sophie side of the pillow fort. " I had stopped paying attention to my book a while ago as I eavesdropped on this fascinating conversation carried on in whispers loud enough to be heard on the other side of the world. After making another batch of popcorn, we trundled into the living room.

Alexis had switched into a set of tight-fitting purple pajamas covered in pink and blue swirls.

She obsessively studied every fashion show and music video that she could get her hands on.


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