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When I talk to my American SEO friends, I cannot help but notice their surprise when I tell them that Google in Italy owns 95% of the search market share.

Because of this ownership, search engine optimization is virtually synonymous with Google Search Optimization in my home country. If we examine the percentages that presents of the search engines’ market shares in Europe between January 2012 to January 2013, the monopolistic percentage repeats itself again and again, with very few exceptions: The only countries where Google does not own the majority of search results are the Czech Republic (thanks to Seznam), Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (thanks to Yandex, which is unfortunately losing market share). With such a monopoly put in place by Google, it's pretty easy to understand why even a simple change in its algorithm is able to send a big portion of European SEOs into a state of panic.

In this case, the research defined four verticals: What about the evolution of how Italian sites where searched?


Nonetheless, the rise of Not Provided in organic search is impressive and constant.It's important to note that the use of single-word queries is not typically due to a user's potential ignorance in the use of search engines, but is more likely due to searches for brand names or domain names.


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