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Her little musings are revealing and some are even downright embarrassing, according to recent critiques.Ivana claims she was a helicopter mom even before the term was coined, but her idea of a helicopter mom was putting the kids in the Trump helicopter and flying over to work with them, according to the. Hey good morning everybody it's Tuesday it is being. So it was going to be a bad season and who knew it was going to be like this.From what what's happened in the Caribbean right now picking just kind of alert two seconds ago that Puerto Rico is bracing of his career he. We'll analyze and easily and to learn that friends tar. Do you ever widening I mean this is the mood John DMZ if it doesn't get any better than there's thousand.That was another lesson for her kids, so they wouldn’t become spoiled.Ivana’s book is like a treasure trove of unknown and somewhat odd little tales about the Trump brood growing up.She recalls how she would fly first class and her kids would fly economy when she took them to Europe each summer during their school vacation, according to .She recalls Ivanka as a kid asking her if she could upgrade to first class and Ivana telling her that she could one day when she could afford to upgrade her own seat.


Day of September are kind of bracing for some wind didn't screen here in New England today. The island there Dominica off just essentially that little island wiped off the map overnight. And now we all have to keep Brian where Marines headed in if you know the East Coast to the country's gonna get hit. I don't ever snowstorms I Abby still would be better than this right that's the dumbest thing you've ever so pound I do not really gonna affect them things through. I didn't tell me there's only one story that added to nor does it.

That's we're Tara Reid came out of nowhere really she's Tara Reid she's Oregon man eater is he crazy. OK there's two we don't know but would measure bastions silos show up and feeds six. Well and here's this is interesting from Tom Brady to a vodka trial Bridget point in living a life. I just exudes the greatest football player in the history of the NFL's dated.


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