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South Wales Police investigated Rickard but decided there was no criminal conduct.The girl, who has left the school and is not living in Wales, is not giving evidence to the hearing.He admitted being with the girl in the bar on the last night but denied having sex with her, blaming 'male bravado' for his boasts to his colleague.Rickard said there was a moment when Pupil A's hand 'brushed' against his thigh but he ignored it.Rickard told the disciplinary panel: 'On the stairs she said she was hot and removed her jumper.'I said it was not a good idea and she should wait until she got to her room before removing clothing.'At no time was there any physical, sexual or inappropriate conduct. It was male bravado which I will regret for the rest of my life.'It was made with a wink and a wry smile.I made my error judgement in my conversations with Paul Hicks.'Rickard said his regretted his comments which have cost him his job as a teacher. There was no substance to it.'Rickard said he and Mr Hicks were good friends who would 'wind each other up' but they had an excellent professional relationship in the school's humanities department.


Mr Hicks said: 'He said that after all the other pupils had gone to bed Pupil A had become flirty.Rickard is accused of telling the girl: 'If I kiss you, I will end up f***ing you,' when she peeled off her top.A fitness to practise hearing was told the pair went to the basement because they knew it had no CCTV cameras.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?


Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.But Rickard allegedly started drinking lager in the hostel bar after becoming separated from teachers and pupils while looking for a restaurant to celebrate their last night.


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    In order to achieve equitable results, the College will carefully review and/or investigate all reports with an earnest intent to understand the perspective and experiences of each individual involved, and provide for fair and impartial evaluation and resolution.

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    354, unless indeed pre-existing popular celebration must be assumed to render possible this official recognition. The degeneration of these plays in part occasioned the diffusion of noels, pastorali, and carols, to which was accorded, at times, a quasi-liturgical position.

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    However, one particularity of the human species is that pair bonds are often formed without necessarily having the intention of reproduction.

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