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Hatchet Man: If we are judging Premier League clubs on the 'mine's bigger than yours' argument then we may as well pack up promotion and relegation and turn it into a closed shop. If so, the last four of the FA Cup would include Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea... Hull, I suspect, will falter in the end, but it's great to see them having a go. Will he want to stay with Spurs in the bottom half and how long before we hear the "I need to play Champions League football" complaint?

Do you still think that after watching Torres recently? But Ronaldo has scored 31 goals this season and doesn't play as a striker. I wouldn't fancy taking on Christopher Samba of Blackburn, either. ) and the loss of Robin van Persie has really hurt Arsenal.

They've done that before to Middlesbrough, of course. The biggest city in the country never to have had a team in the top flight. He is an outstanding player, but he is trouble and yet Ramos seems to prefer him to Robbie Keane. Keane has scored 21 goals this season and is being very poorly treated by Ramos.

Ian Kemp: Please, please, please, please not Chelsea for the title. They may win games, but they will never win the hearts and minds of neutrals, for the way they have bought success and they way they behave as a club. It's an interesting call but what about Leeds, West Brom, Forest, Swansea, Charlton - and soon the MK Dons - they all get bigger gates than Fulham and Wigan? Duke of talk: I can't stand Dimitar Berbatov - he's so arrogant and lazy. Berbatov and his moods are hardly likely to help team harmony.

JJ Williams, Ieuan Evans, John Kirwan, Philippe Saint-Andre, Bryan Williams, Tony O’Reilly, what skills, what stars. He has pace, eye, nerve, power, humility – the whole job lot.


Eight in four matches for New Zealand against England. Now that we have started, we could keep that roll-call of honour gong for some time.Scroll down for more Super Freddie Sears: Can us Hammers expect the Iceman to provide Curbs with a bumper transfer budget in the summer? Hanging onto their best young kids will be the most difficult challenge ahead for this selling club. David Moyes has done so well, I'd hate it if money won they day again. But that's still good work when you think about the competition for that place.


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