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Squatting in the Netherlands became big in the 80s, when a serious lack of housing caused young people to move into abandoned buildings.Squatting in Holland soon turned into a political ‘movement’.Nearby there’s Café Vivelavie, while on Utrechtsestraat, there is the Netherlands’ only drag queen café, De Lellebel, which is renowned for its glittering lip-sync performances.The historic and picturesque street cuts through the centre of Amsterdam, running from Leidsegracht to the Magere Brug on the River Amstel.It’s actually a complex of buildings surrounded by large garden, that one can enter from the side street.All of the buildings were part of the horse tram station: the old stables are converted into artists workplaces, a cafe, a restaurant, an anarchist library, a recording studios and some apartments.

There are numerous brown cafés that reflect traditional Dutch culture, including frequent bouts of local folk music.

At the most southern exit of the Vondelpark lies the wonderfully designed OCCII, a Squat a with weekly programme of music and live performance.


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