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at X: 709.1, Y: 835.6 or X: 752.7, Y: 656.1 coordinates), which are the deepest parts of the ocean.

You need to activate radio towers to reveal the map.

You can either shoot the animal while it is chasing you or stab it while it is latched onto you.

Easy "Improper Use" trophy Get the Repair Tool from a weapon locker or general store.

You can also save the game before buying the camos, and reload the saved game after getting the trophy so you do not actually have to spend any money to get the trophy.

Easy "Fearless Or Stupid" trophy Search for a dark blue part of the ocean on your map (e.g.

Julia Randall, a stunning fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead floating in her own bathtub.

Instead of activating the wingsuit, just fall into the ocean to get the "Free Fall" trophy.You will fail the mission, but you can simply reload from the checkpoint to try again.


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