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A little further to the south, the delightful fishing town of Stromness in Orkney has a spectacular new arts centre on its historic harbourside.The £4.5million Pier Arts Centre plans to become a gallery of international importance, showing work by leading contemporary artists.And at the new Llys Llewelyn rural accommodation the owners have come up with a novel style of holiday based on the area's natural attractions.For £100 per person per day you stay in the restored stone cottages and have the services of a guide for the day.This year's Isle of Wight Festival will be another step in the creation of the 'new, cool' Wight.The Police, Kaiser Chiefs and Sex Pistols are already on the bill from June 13 to 15.In recent years it has become known for its great hotels, too.And 2008 is the year to eat at the Tean restaurant at the St Martin's Hotel on St Martin's.

Just off our shores we have some of Europe's most spectacular archipelagos and isles.The £1million 'Flowrider' looks like a small swimming pool but generates a wave that's big enough to surf.You don't move forward though, just copy all the manoeuvres of surfing stars or, in my case, fall off.Visitors, from beginners to experts, will be able to take their pick of tuition in sea-kayaking, coasteering, rock-climbing, hill navigation, abseiling, diving, sailing and activities such as a four-day circumnavigation of the island by kayak.


And if you think that is not enough for you, there's a challenging new mountain-biking route.

From the semi-tropical gardens of the Scillies to the wild, rugged charm of the Scottish Isles, the British Isles can provide every type of holiday.


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