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Church and Bible history with an apocalyptic message. Marian Servants of Divine Providence Catholic, Charismatic, Marian Community with many Ministries including, Retreats, Healing Mass, Spiritual Direction, Cenacle School of Spirituality, and Catholic media ministry.

Prophecy, restoration, last day theological perspectives, latter rain links, resources, over 500 topics. Ministry Tools Resource Center Teachers, leaders, and others in church ministry find training on spiritual gifts, body life, classroom discipline and more, curriculum, ministry profiles, and recommended books.

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Pastor Larry Lewis is the founder of The Larry Lewis Ministries.

Hokkien Harvest International Hokkien Harvest is dedicated to bringing the Living Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Hokkien People.

In 1998 of the 49,000,000 Hokkien people of the world less than 1% are Christians.

Challenging Christian kids and the church to follow Christ uncompromisingly. Life-changing, eye-opening and inspiring Christian articles and Bible studies provide biblical answers for difficult questions about life and God.


offers great Bible teaching messages on his daily radio broadcast heard on hundreds of Christian radio stations and now 24/7/365 on this Internet website. Visitors can participate in lively discussions through the feedback thread, and read inspirational true Christian stories.

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    And continued to call when he said he would and replied to messages fairly quickly.

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    What they didn’t understand is, the way a well-meaning person questions a kid can really affect his or her answers, particularly if you pressure the kid.

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    It is valid only until build 1088 (from 5 March 2014 build 1089 'Delay writing of end of day backup files until the first log entry is written' means the stored relates to the initial entries for the start of the new month).

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