Dating dubia lovers


Try to understand how girl thinks and her world view.

V shaped body or virtue shaped choices Remember, women not shaped by the virtues of meekness and temperance will be unhappy and lead you to the same.

All statements generalizing Filipinas traits are false. because not all people from the same nationality are the same. that will be unfair for everyone, and for the ones who found love to filipinas/filipinos. Then a fairy appeared and she taught them about the good things they had in their country which they could give to other countries for virtually anything.

I hear similar stories from my friends who are guys, yet i believe you should judge people on individual bases not on nationality or race Philipinas are perfect women. i know someone, american beautiful lady who just got married to a Filipino man. every nationalities has its own money problem thing, its always a need. So she gave them some skilled labor to get started.

It's very liberating to know that nobody has to kowtow to someone just to be liked.

Scientific studies confirm that Romanian woman are ranked in the top three hottest women on the earth.

They set the tone wherever they go and do not subscribe to fake social norms which is exactly whats needed in Dubai as the locals attempt to back track humanity 3000 years into the past. but not everyone can give loyalty and pure love which might filipinoes can give. Eventually they started prospering and more (cheap) skilled labor started coming in their country and they prospered even more.

I find any lady that tells a society to stick your backward progress stopping social norms up your [email protected]# to be desirable and required in a vastly over commercialized world. And then they started looking down on others and calling them as cheap.


What most people need to understand is that in general Filipinos, especially those who remain in the Philippines, are “carefree” people.While a good Filipina won’t rely on your money to survive (unless you get married and you as the man will definitely have to share more); she won’t leave you because chances are you will leave first!!


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