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Very much in fitting with the campaign's nordic style and soft colour palette, the quality of the fabrics and attention to detail left a lasting impression.

I've since been in touch with since made a name for itself among retailers, stylists, designers and lovers of all things interior, for its covetable range of cushions, throws and bedding.

Eadie herself is a character that Trudie steps into when she designs the collections.

Her creative compass as such, Eadie is a stylish icon who appreciates understated international style.

This narrow, bustling alley of is the scrapyard where Pete works.

During the Seventies, much of the area was squatted and, in a gesture inspired by Ealing’s Passport to Pimlico, seceded from the UK.


Luxe Bohemium: Rich earthy tones of sand, clay, olive and blue – all representative of elements of nature. Eadie uses this gorgeous range to give an extra dimension to its classic neutrals Hitting the mark in terms of both elegance and comfort, I'm loving everything about these new pieces.

Trudie knows her well, from the wine she drinks through to the art she appreciates and the flowers she has in her home.

Each style in the collection is inspired by an Eadie experience; whether it be a vacation, a friendship, a great dinner party, or a broken love affair.

North of Highgate, on , stands the Wellington Service Station.

This unremarkable little garage stands on the site of the old Wellington pub, which was the boozer in which Jimmy and his Mod pals buy dud pills from the hard men. It’s while using the, now closed, public baths of , that old pals Jimmy and Kevin meet up, only to realise that they’ve fallen on opposite sides of the Mod-Rocker divide when they come to get dressed.The pie and mash shop where Jimmy and greaser pal Kevin (Ray Winstone) eat after meeting up in the bath-house is Cooke’s, 48 Goldhawk Road, alongside the entrance to .


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