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Nico also mentions seeing a bus driver (most likely a satyr in disguse) with ram's horns, though Bianca had not believed him at the time.Nico first appears with his sister, in a military school called Westover Hall, in Bar Harbor, Maine.In The Titan's Curse, Bianca recalls that shortly after she and Nico had their memories wiped, they were returned to Washington D. and told by a lawyer (Alecto in disguise) that their parents were dead, and had left a bank trust for them.This "lawyer" would come by once in a while to check on both of them.He immediately turns on Percy, telling him he hates him, and reminding him of the promise he made to keep Bianca safe.Percy tries to comfort him, and Nico claims he can sense her soul being judged.



During this time, Bianca familiarized herself with the city's subway system.

In order to gain Nico's trust, Minos leads him through the maze of the Labyrinth, saved him multiple times, and trained him how to utilize his infernal demigod powers.



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