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For the next two decades, it is believed that the discs were labeled and stored at Beijing University before being given to Tsum Um Nui for study in 1958.Tsum Um Nui allegedly managed to decipher the hieroglyphic characters after 4 years of study which he claimed told the story of a spacecraft that crash landed in the area of the cave and that the ship contained the Dropa people.They have sparse hair on their bodies; have large eyes and their height measures between 3’6” and 4’7” with an average height of 4’2”.Also found in the caves were hundreds of stone disks that were shaped like an “lp” album with a hole in the center and a spiral of circles, that extended from the center to the edge.Scientists were baffled to their hieroglyphics until they were sent to a school that studied prehistoric hieroglyphics.The message is the same as the drawings, but unfortunately the Chinese Government found the message to be not suitable for public ears.

The Dropa stones are said to be a set of 716 circular stone disks dating back 12,000 years on which tiny hieroglyphic-like markings can be found.The secrecy involved in all matters pertaining to the Roswell incident was unparalleled.The classification was, from the outset, above top secret, so the vast majority of U. officials and politicians, let alone a mere allied Minister of Defence, were never in-the-loop.” Statements as the University of Toronto, September 25, 2005 Paul Hellyer, also stated, “An unnamed former Canadian Chief of Emergency Measures revealed the astonishing story just before his death from a neurological illness.Canadian Defence Minister, Chinese Dropa Disks, The Day After Roswell, Dr.

Bruce Cornet’s Black Triangle Sighting Colonel Tony Shaffer states “White House Is Under Siege”, and Media War on America Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.Each disc is said to measure up to one1 foot in diameter and carries two grooves originating from a hole in their centre, in the form of a double spiral.


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