Ving rhames dating deborah reed


This Golden Globe Award-winning actor has also lent his voice to a few cartoon characters.

This celebrated film artiste has been honored several times.

His ninth-grade English teacher, who saw potential in the young man, steered Rhames toward acting.

Many of the roles Rhames has played have been the prototypes of real-life criminals and thugs who were commonplace in the urban environment where he spent his childhood and early days.

Actor Ving Rhames was born Irving Rameses Rhames on May 12, 1959, in New York City, to parents Reatha and Ernest Rhames.

From a young age, Rhames was a conscientious student who was well spoken and earned frequent praise for his good elocution.

Instead, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that they would have a duplicate award prepared for Rhames.

Rhames continued working in film throughout the 1990s, appearing in movies such as In 1994, Ving Rhames married Valerie Scott.Rhames later transferred to the Juilliard School's Drama Division (Group 12: 1979–1983) Rhames first appeared on Broadway in the play The Boys of Winter in 1984.


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