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Arlo Mobile service plans make it super easy for you to start using your Arlo Go camera.

No service activation is required out of the box, and flexible data plans let you decide how much to pay depending on your monthly usage need.

Fire up the camera app and it's easy to switch between the two lenses, with a nice zoom in, zoom out animation to let you know you've changed.

And I can say that switching to the wide angle option definitely puts more in your shot.

The latter allows you to hold your hand up and then make a fist to trigger a three second count down timer.

LG's also packed a 2,520m Ah battery into the X Cam, although I'm wary that this phone could struggle to see out a full day on a single charge.


It hasn't announced any pricing yet, but did say its price would "rival mid-range smartphones".We're expecting the X screen to cost between £300 and £400.Back in October we were excited about the prospect of the dual-screen V10 arriving in the UK.Putting the focus back on the camera though, and on the back the main 13MP snapper is joined by a 5MP wide-angle lens allowing you to get more in your shots, although you will sacrifice image quality.

This helps the X Cam stand out from what is a rather bland middle market, and it offers something rather more interesting than standard cameraphones.

A sizeable full HD display, punchy processor and feature which encourages you to take lots of photos could see the battery take a beating.


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